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Deptford, Rising

“...Find a previously unnoticed urban neighbourhood, ideally one that’s a bit down on its luck. Pioneer hipsters move in and coolhunters ensure it starts trending on Twitter. A year later, the mainstream media notices and, for the next 12 months, the neighbourhood is byword for urban cool. Soon property prices soar pushing the original residents out, the bankers (always a trailing indicator) begin to move in and a Foxtons opens. Finally, the New York Times runs a piece in which it “discovers” the area and the cycle is complete. The last hipsters move on and find a new neighbourhood to play with...”

Excerpt from Why this 'Shoreditchification' of London must stop, by Alex Proud. Published in The Telegraph, 13 January 2014.
A project by the office of Marc Kremers and the workshop particpants of Registration School on 20 August 2014 in Deptford, SE8, London. Developped by Bastien Girschig
This image of a was taken in deptford SE8 and added to the internet by